WordPress Security, Support, Maintenance, Backups, Updates

WordPress Security

We have a proactive approach to security of WordPress site that combines Firewall, hardening and fixing potential threats way before they emerge as a big problem.

WP Website Maintenance Service Providers, WordPress Security is taken very seriously. Since downtime invites loss of sales, customers and reputation, we don’t want to see your site down – not even for a minute.

We ensure a well-rounded approach to WordPress security covering. So expect us to restrict all types of login attempts to your site and stop any physical force attacks. We will ensure website Firewall, IP blocking, change of default database prefix, hardening WordPress core files, and that all users use strong passwords.

Your WordPress website will be scanned regularly by experts for virus & malware to catch hold of potential problems way before they occur.

Free Malware Cleanup & Website Restores - Hacking or malware infection may occur any time. Under these rare cases, we are fully prepared and act instantly to restore your website. Expect us to cover any security loophole way before it causes serious problems.

Spam Management – Our team of experts will work hard to get rid of spam comment and trackback issues on your WordPress site. Expect 100 per cent reduction in spam through our plugins.

WordPress Software Updates – It is important to keep WordPress, Plugins, Themes and Frameworks up to date for website security. We will make sure your site stays updated all the time.

Uptime Monitoring – Our team is dedicated to offer 24/7 monitoring of website uptime. We are promptly alerted as and when your website goes down for any reason so that the team gets into work and gets the site back online fast.

Backup & Restores – Our Maintenance Plan will cover you with back ups and free restores.

WordPress is a secure platform. It simply requires regular updates to adapt to and meet current and potential security threats. There are several areas where security improvements may help in drastically minimizing the risk. We have a specialized Security Plan ready to configure your WordPress install and server environment. This ensures maximum security for your website. We work closely with our clients to maximize security both at the user and login level.

Security Disclaimer

Our state of the art security service will significantly reduce the chance that your website will get hacked or infected with malware/spyware. Unfortunately there is no way to have a 100% protection guarantee for websites. We don’t feel good about informing this but it is our duty to keep clients well-versed with how any WordPress security measure works. To handle a critical issue related to security, we include a solid backup and recovery solution.