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WordPress Backups

At WP Website Maintenance Service, we ensure the best and timely cloud-based back ups of your entire WordPress website. This ensures disaster recovery on time and peace of mind.

Backups are important for the very reason that websites are vulnerable to malicious attacks. It is possible that your website crashes or gets infected by a virus. No backup means losing your entire website forever!

There are times when your website goes offline. What would you do under such circumstances? WordPress backup of your site is what you rely on. WordPress backup versions get stored on server of your site, secure cloud storage, and a local server at WP Website Maintenance Service.

We complete and store backups for your website and database without any delay. The entire thing is taken as back up to restore your website in full without bothering you for anything, ever.

WP Website Maintenance Service Providers ensure that your WordPress site is backed up regularly so that you can relax and focus on more important business related affairs.