Yes, we require passwords to be able to manage varied aspects of a WordPress website for our clients. For maintenance and security services, we require access to the following:

– Access to WordPress Admin (Administrator Level)

You may either create us a new account or provide us with details of your admin account. Our team will create a new admin user.

– Websites Database

We require access to Cpanel/Hosting or phpMyAdmin.

– Websites Files

SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) will provide us access to managing all files that make up your WordPress website, directly.

Our clients give us hosting account admin and WordPress admin credentials. This helps us accomplish our work.

The team at WordPress Maintenance Services, creates new users for accessing different areas. This helps us avoid any conflicts with password resets. Additionally, it is easier to remove users in case; our services are no longer required.

Security is very important for us. The confidential information of our clients is taken very seriously. All of the access points use double authentication. None of the passwords are sent through email. As professionals, we understand the amount of trust it takes to share this level of access to your WordPress website with us. Hence, we promise that none of the security aspects of website is taken lightly.

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