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In what ways does the staging/development environment work?

Generally, the staging / development website is used under two circumstances. One of these includes a new web development that may result in negative effect to the user experience. Our experts will do that work in the development site and push the changes to live site after approval. The second case is when there is an issue with update causing problems for user experience. Here, we immediately roll the site back to the latest stable version to ensure that live site gets fully functional once again. Thereafter, we will test and fix any issues on the staging environment. This

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Is it possible to cancel my subscription when needed?

Yes, you are free to cancel your plan at any time. Our clients stick with us for the quality of services we offer them. We have been receiving constant appreciation and love from clients for the support and care offered. Our Maintenance Plans are not designed to keep you stuck in anything you don't need. If you wish to cancel your subscription, simply write us an email or give us a call.

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Can I change my plan to a different one if needed?

Certainly, you may upgrade or downgrade at any time you wish to. Simply inform us and we will adjust the balance of any given month pro-rata.

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My website is hacked! Will you fix it once I sign up to Maintenance plan?

We will fix the problem. All of our Maintenance Plan clients are offered malware clean up and website restore services for free. Our new sign ups can also get these benefits. With a minimum 6-month subscription, you will qualify for the free cleanup service.

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What is included in the Performance Optimization?

As experienced professionals, we understand the importance of a website that loads super-fast. This is crucial for your users and search engines. Google has included website speed as one of the major factor to consider while ranking a website. Fast loading and performing website is also a crucial element in keeping your mobile users intact

Our Premium Plan includes ‘performance optimization’ feature to help your site load faster. This feature includes several crucial elements required for optimal performance of your website on search engines and your target audience. The Performance Optimization service will include:

  • Installation and configuration of a caching plugin.
  • Elimination

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Do you need passwords to get started?

Yes, we require passwords to be able to manage varied aspects of a Wordpress website for our clients. For maintenance and security services, we require access to the following:

- Access to Wordpress Admin (Administrator Level)

You may either create us a new account or provide us with details of your admin account. Our team will create a new admin user.

- Websites Database

We require access to Cpanel/Hosting or phpMyAdmin.

- Websites Files

SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) will provide us access to managing all files that make up your WordPress website, directly.

Our clients give us hosting account admin and WordPress admin credentials. This

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What’s your turn around time on small jobs?

At WP Website Maintenance Services, we aim at finishing small jobs the same day they are assigned to us. For a high priority job, you may inform us while assigning the task to us. We will make sure the job is done on time.

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What is a small job for your company?

At WP Website Maintenance Services, all projects / jobs assigned to us are of utmost importance. However, we have categorized the jobs undertaken by our team into various parts so that our team can ensure these are handled accordingly. A small job refers to any new feature, a web development task, minor modification task assigned to us, less than 30 minutes in length.

What does Publishing cover?

Publishing covers new content creation on your website. This may be a news article, blog post, product, page, photo gallery, etc. We hold specialization in publishing. The team at WP Website Maintenance Services makes

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